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16 Children Who Perished In Apam River Finally Laid To Rest

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It was all sorrow at Apam in the central Region of Ghana after 20 teenagers got drown in the Apam River after they went for swimming on 7th March, 2021 but was made known to the general Public the following day that was one the 8th.

It is said that, about 16 dead bodies was found as most of the bodies were washed ashore whiles others to were brought out of the river as 4 teenagers were lucky after they survived the drowning with the help of an anonymous Good Samaritan who after saving these 4 teenagers went straight to the Apam Palace “Ofar Akwaa Obuada” to report about the kids who he weren’t able to save.

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Having said that, the Traditional authorities in Apam of the Central Region disclosed to Rainbow Radio’s Nana Yaw Asare that some of the children who drowned in the Apam River had s.ex along the river the gods reside, reason why they were drown in the river.

Many felt sorry for the parent of the deceased as they sent their condolences to them of which Prof Jane Naana on behalf of John Dramani Mahama donated 10,000 to the bereaved families and 3,000 to the fishermen council in Apam.

However, Apam is is still mourning as the 16 deceased are finally laid to rest. Rites, both the Traditional and Christian have been performed for both the surviving and the deceased.

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One of the surviving teenager during the finally funeral rite for the deceased was asked to recall what actually happen of which he explained that;

“we were playing football and we saw a girl in the river, we all decided to go in and swim with her and all of a sudden I accidentally crashed with her, she began to fight me on the grounds that, I’ve touched her breast. While we were fighting in the water wave from no where took us.. I was unconscious. I gain conclusions and realized a man have rescued me.

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When asked where he knew the girl who h fought with, he said; “I don’t know the girl but I’ve seen her in town before and that was in the market. She was our size.”

He further explained that ever since he has never set his eyes on the said girl.

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