23-Year Old Zambian Invented Stainless Steel Stoves

It is highly recognized that Africa entirely lacks genuine and appropriate domestic or home appliances that enable hygienic and healthy living.

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Indeed, many fall on other means of living by using inappropriate tools and equipment at homes and especially for cooking that pose health threat to human lives.

Due to this, a 23-year old Zambian inventor, Arnold Nyendwa who takes priority in providing innovative solutions to everyday problems has invented stainless steel cooking stove.

Arnold, who was born and raised in Petauke, Eastern Province of Zambia is the founder of Venturas Jumpstart, a company which has been reported as the pioneer of stainless steel technology in Zambia.

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This young man is duly recognized as an inventor of stainless steel stoves in Africa.

According to Arnold, he had the aim and vision to invent this type of stove solely for his country Zambia and later extend to the rest of Africa.

His basic aim is to eliminate respiratory diseases due to the nature of stoves Zambia and Africa use often.

He said, the types of cooking stoves mostly seen in Africa produces fumes or smoke that are health threatening and with the stainless steel type he has invented would help reduce smoke and fumes.

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He has ambitions that, Africans test and approve the product to eliminate respiratory diseases caused by the local and other types of cooking stoves used in Africa.

Many have been on market in Zambia and wishing to extend to places.

In journalistic view, someone may wish these springing up innovators and inventors be rewarded to boost up their morals and abilities to explore for more knowledge and ideas to do great things for themselves and mother Africa.

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