Video: How Donald Trump’s otherworldly counselor approached ‘Heavenly attendants from Africa’ to mediate for him

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How Donald Trump’s otherworldly counselor approached ‘Heavenly attendants from Africa’ to mediate for him

At the point when you are in a fight and circumstances become truly difficult, you actuate every single accessible choice and that is actually what Paula White did when Donald Trump’s initial lead was vacillating with second swinging in the way of Democratic pioneer Joe Biden.

In an enthusiastic supplication meeting, Paula White, viewed as the otherworldly counsel of Donald Trump abnormally conjured holy messengers from Africa and Southern America to mediate and convey triumph for Trump.

She expressed in her petitions that the holy messengers have been dispatched from Africa and Southern America to win the races for Donald Trump whom many have depicted bigot and disruptive, credits that can’t be related with a God-dreading man.

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“I hear a sound of triumph, the Lord says it is done,” she said. “For heavenly attendants have even been dispatched from Africa at this moment… For the sake of Jesus from South America, they’re coming here”, she said.

As it turned out, the alleged Africa and South America heavenly attendants couldn’t rescue the circumstance as Biden jumped Trump and by projections by trustworthy news sources including Trump and Republican’s own special Fox News been announced the 46th President of the United States of America.

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The disappointment of the African and South American blessed messengers to win the decisions for Trump could be because of his ‘determination’ which as per Reverend Owusu Bempah has cost him his place in God’s heart.

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The originator of the Glorious Word Chapel International in one of his clashing predictions about the decisions said that Trump had lost courtesy in God after he did certain things that disappointed Him (God).

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Bempah additionally referenced Paula White as one of the individuals who had likewise quit looking for God’s courtesy for Trump on account of his indecent ways.

Owusu Bempah says notwithstanding God’s abhorrence for the Republicans, He was left with practically zero choice however to hand Biden triumph on account of Trump’s willfulness.

  1. “At the point when I got this prediction and educated a specific regarded man regarding God about it, he told Trump has gotten difficult. He said Trump no longer tunes in to them and that he had left his petition gathering and was not appealing to God for him any longer. Trump currently does wicked things. The individual I’m discussing is Archbishop Duncan-Williams. Indeed, even Paula White griped to Duncan-Williams about it,” the famous prophet guaranteed.
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