5 Hazardous side effects of consuming instant noodles

5 Hazardous side effects of consuming instant noodles

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5 Hazardous side effects of consuming instant noodles

Fast foods have become so popular and gained lots of ground, that a lot of people now tend to consume more of these fast foods than the normal healthy foods they ought to eat.

These fast foods are highly sought after because they are always inexpensive, convenient, fast, easy to prepare, and time-saving.

Though these fast foods taste nice and are best to save time, they lack nutritional values and are very unhealthy for the body system due to their high sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol content.

These substances contained in fast foods are linked to so many illnesses and health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and excessive weight gain. Fast foods are of different types, varieties, and examples which include Instant noodles.

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5 Hazardous side effects of consuming instant noodles
5 Hazardous side effects of consuming instant noodles

Instant noodles ranks among the highest consumed fast foods in the world, it is very convenient and easy to prepare, saves time, and comes along with a very nice taste.

These qualities have made it so many people’s favorite food, however, only a few know of the dangers and side effects of this fast food which are very deadly and much more intense than all of its qualities.

Below are 5 dangerous side effects of eating instant noodles.

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1) Excessive Weight Gain

Instant noodles contain unhealthy fats which tend to trigger obesity and excessive weight gain as well as cause some other fat-related ailments.

2) Deceased Metabolism Rate

Chemical substances are added to instant noodles to give them a nice coloring and flavor as well as preserve them. These mostly harmful substances affect the body’s metabolism and decrease the body’s metabolism rate

3) Liver Damage

The chemical substances, additives, and flavorings in noodles cause liver damage, this is because they are very hard to break down and makes the liver store excess fats in its cells.

4) Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

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Instant noodles contain a very high amount of sodium and unhealthy substances which increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke in the body system.

5) Digestion Issues

Instant noodles have been linked to so many digestion issues as they tend to have an effect on the digestive system and cause irregular bowel movements and bloating.

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