$86 Million Loans Approved By Parliament for Ghana Armed Forces

$86 Million Loans Approved By Parliament for Ghana Armed Forces

Parliament of Ghana has approved a $86 million loan agreement with the Israeli Discount Bank to help fill the empty armored vehicles at the Ghana Armed Forces on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Though there were questions being raised regarding the value of money by the Minority in Parliament the agreement was still approved.

“We have to take security matters seriously. The quality of the product must be ensured. We must procure what can stand the test of time so that it is not like we are throwing out money, because, we are taking a loan facility for this purpose…It is a very expensive facility we are taking so whatever we are getting from it must stand the test of time.” Mr. Acheampong Richard a member of the Finance Committee said.

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The Minister of Defense Dominic Nitiwul made it clear that the Finance Ministry is making the necessary arrangement to keep the money in check.

“Value for money takes various forms. Public procurement will do its own value for money, Parliament will do value for money and the Ministry of Finance will do value for money before the contract is finally executed and concluded.”

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“I can give members assurance that these are top-notch quality equipment that the Armed Forces have been looking forward to for a very long time. I am glad that members are very supportive of it” He added. Continue reading

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