A Dog Spotted In Mouth To Mouth Scene With A Young Lady (Video)

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Quit recently, a dog has been seen kissing deeply a young lady in a viral video which has drawn attention and traffic for writers to rethink of what could influence or cause this behaviour?

In most cases, though the world is wearing out gradually but it doesn’t cause by itself until human influence.

Accordingly, one can choose to have a pet, play with it, move along always with it but forbids to kiss it. But looking at the video critically, it indicates marriage not just being pet!

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Wonderful! A dog marrying a human lady is a taboo before any sound minding human. Too much being curious is a sin.

Majority of today youth wishes to be extraordinary to prove to others what they have discovered. But forgotten the repercussions on themselves and the society.

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Deeply, animals can carry pathogens that may be harmful to human and for that matter should be handled with care. Even the domestic animals are to be disinfected and dewormed regularly to avoid carriage of pathogens. So it is unwise to eat with an animal even if it is a pet. How much more to deep kiss a dog?

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Finally, it seems to be against the law. And if that lady is found to be a Ghanaian, she should be dealt with because she is trampling on the basic rights of the dog.

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