A Lady Is Severely Depressed Because Of Dating A Guy Below 25 Years

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According to what she went through with a guy less than 25 years old, she said, she vows not to date any guy who is less than 25 years again.

“Dating a guy under the age of 25 is a waste of time”, she revealed.

She bitterly exposed this with a claim that she wasted her time dating a guy who was just under 25 years old of which the guy did not help her with anything except sexual intercourse.

She ignited this conversation on the twitter app and she is of the belief that as many under 25 guys do not seem to have marriage in mind, the partnership would inevitably end with zero benefit.

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They just think of s&x and vibes and little thought in their mind of sharing a lifetime with the girls they are dating.

What they do at that age, is to indulge in imagination and stress their minds over all the stuff that guys do.

She lamented, those guys do not even think about marriage, they just want to
smoke weed and dance palliative dance with the damsels. That is all!

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A man is supposed to be intelligent enough at that age to realize what is right for them but it is often true that certain men at that age have little wisdom, what they do is only fantasize about and waste their lives away.

If your aim is for your friendship with them to eventually end in marriage, it is a waste of time dating such men.

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You later get disappointed and wind up feeling sad and worrying.

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