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A Living Testimony Strikes My Conscience – Politicians Necessary Evil?

Since 1992, when Ghana bounced back to stick and stay with democratic rule, the country has been fused with multi party system of democracy.

No attempt has been recorded or made to disrupt the peace and harmony Ghana is enjoying during this democratic governments.

Recently, majority have glued to party politics that gave birth to two mainly strong political parties namely New Partroitic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Party (NDC) to rule Ghana since 1992 to date. Though the rest are engaging and trying to win power but since majority votes determine the choice, they are still in pipeline leaving the chances to NPP and NDC to interchange every 8 years and equivalent on power.

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What has brought great doubting and reasoning is what the entire Ghanaians are been observing from since. Getting to any crucial election year, one or more top officials or executives are suspended from the both achieving political parties.

Consistently, questions have been raised to know why top official like Mr. Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, the former general secretary of NPP and others were suspended before NPP went and gained 2016 power. According to those victims, it was because they were honest and proved so diligent to their duties, hatred and misunderstanding arose to their seats.

Like wise what is happening to the greatest opposition political party, NDC in this era of looking for the seat from NPP, has suspended former Central regional chairman, Mr. Allotey Jacobs. Mr. Allotey also completely complained of breaking the truth in a day broad light.

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Eventually, Nsempafie Media is asking why these suspensions come at perior to crucial general election?

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More to the point, why after suspension, those parties win election?

How do those suspended feel afterwards?

Why do they go out to share such hidden thoughts and secrets but not discussing and solving issues behind closed door at the executive level?

Source: By Kwaku Kolan
©️ Nsempafie Media, 2020

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