A Sierra Leonean, Hassan Hafiz Has Developed A Wonderful Social Media App Called Supfrica

Technology is growing up daily in the world’s society comprising with young and many scientists and technicians making wonderful softwares and applications.

It has come to the notice recently that a technology company called Techfrica in Sierra Leone owns by a native of Sierra Leone, Hassan Hafiz Bakarr Kanu Sr has come out with a social media App almost like WhatsApp but greater in performance than WhatsApp called Supfrica.


According to Mr. Hassan Hafiz, the App has features like that of WhatsApp but faster and reliable than WhatSApp.

It is being spotted Africa’s technology is growing in this millennium days. In fact, most countries in Africa are trying and doing more great things in technology.

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SupfricaSuccessively, African education curricula should turn to face technology and this would born more great inventions and technologists.

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Indeed, the continent is not torn as most people see and think but inability of focusing on science and technology is defeating the continent.

Individual countries of Africa should endeavour to support the youth who have mental ability and passion to explore more into technology. The various leaderships should give the the youth needful mandate and maximum support to do more successful great jobs.

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The continent would arise and shine as many blacks wish if progressive developmental factors and facilities are available to the youth.

Africa is not almost none!

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