Abandoned Maternity Block Of Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital To Be Demolished

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45 years ago, this block was put up as Maternity and Child Block for Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi and this block has been abandoned until recently that a report came out that the facility will be demolished because it has lost its quality.

According to the Ashanti Regional Minister, Honourable Simon Osei- Mensah, the building failed structural integrity test which calls for demolishing when speaking to Akoma FM in Kumasi.Abandoned Maternity Block Of Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital To Be Demolished

This is not the only case Ghana is experiencing, many government structures are left in bushes until future notice. Some schools have been left unattended in bushes of Ghanaian communities without reasons.

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The noble Ghanaian would ask who award such contracts? Who are the building engineers in the various ministries and Assemblies responsible for quality constructional works?

The situation is worsening to see billions of Ghana Cedis being thrown away for zero cause and reason.

Meanwhile, there are vulnerable and the needy among us in the societies. Some communities are lacking common tables and chairs to have good learning and teaching environment and some leaders and authorities are mishandling and draining the state coffers.

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It is time some building contractors and engineers are called to book on issues arising on projects quality and durability to help cease this spending.

Definitely, this structure would have helped taking some of the housing capacity load of KATH in today’s history but due to some few leadership errors concerning supervision, this huge roomy block will be demolished soon.

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Before we realize, this building would not be the only weak structure which calls for demolition at KATH, there will be other hidden ones of course.

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