Video: Afia Schwar Scares The Hell Out Of Ayisha Modi With Juju


Afia Schwar Scares The Hell Out Of Ayisha Modi With Juju.

The feud between Ayisha Modi and eternal foe Afia Schwarzenegger has slumped into a comical charade. With the cord of buffoonery still tied to it.

Shortly Ayisha Modi threatened to deal with Afia spiritually in furtherance of their protracted feud which is boring at this stage. Afia has interpreted the threat with a funny response.

Afia made a setting of a shrine in her living room and dressed in a juju man’s regalia while chanting. And going through antics meant to serve as a reply to Ayisha Modi’s threat.

Before this drama, Ayisha Modi earlier replied Afia Schwar by saying she would fix her expensive yellow teeth. She mocked her with as soon as possible.

This was after Afia has posted her (Ayisha) recent she took at an event and captioned:

Afia Schwar Scares The Hell Out Of Ayisha Modi With Juju
Afia Schwar Scares The Hell Out Of Ayisha Modi With Juju

“What my God cannot do does not exist…If you decide to lie with my name you will look like tie. And dye left in a bucket of bleach. I’m Queen Afia Schwar…Don’t mess with me and my God…”

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When Ayisha swiftly responded in an Instagram Live, Afia noticed the discoloration of her teeth and found another avenue to poke fun at her.

“Every junky is got yellow teeth…End of Ayisha Modi Part 1. SAY NO TO DRUGS (METH)”. Afia Schwarzenegger captioned Ayisha’s live photo.

Ayisha returned quickly with a reply saying “my teeth are expensive.” She promised to fix her teeth and post receipts of how much she spent. She then went on a tirade;

“The world is sometimes funny. People who look like fermented kenkey wake up to talk about beauty. Only you in this world have stretch marks on your mouth, get a seamstress to do alterations on your big mouth. #Ape.

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I have ended ur blackmailing career. I have dared you to bring out your father. That thing called Tracey boakye whose legs are doing cross pollination.

#Alanta when walking is bringing herself. Ahhh you this dirty girl who have given birth with your best friend husband is not feeling shy. You are a disgrace to your family #Ofui


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