Akrobeto Has Revealed That Miracle Films’ Director Made Him To Hate Agya Koo

Akrobeto Has Revealed That Miracle Films' Director Made Him To Hate Agya Koo

A Ghanaian actor, comedian and TV presenter, Akwasi Boadi, known as Akrobeto has revealed in a video interview that, Miracle Films’ Producer and Director, Mr. Samuel Nyamekye influenced him to dislike Alex Kofi Adu (Agga Koo).


The video interview is going viral and on 22nd February, 2021, a Kumasi based T.V named, RTV had playback of the tape on its morning show called “Atesem”.

In fact, according to the video, Akrobeto emphatically narrated that, Mr. Samuel Nyamekye told him not to act or be on set with Agya Koo because Agya Koo was then known as “Kumasi King Kong”.

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He added, if he acts with Agya Koo, he will be overshadowed by him and he should therefore in any instance be on set with Agya Koo for that reason.

He hinted, the director of Miracle Films saw that he was almost good as Agya Koo and if he pairs them on set to act, Agya Koo will kill his talent because he had gotten fame than him, though they are equally good.

Eventually, he listened to the director and producer of Miracle Films and avoided Agya Koo to brand himself well to take over many roles that were meant for Agya Koo to act.

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Henceforth, he has been featured in over 100 Kumawood movies and is known by the size of his nose on television as well.

Akrobeto said, since he had that mentality processed already, his relationship with Agya Koo became pretending till date.

By Alex Konlan/GhanaNewsPrime.com

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