Another Death Trap Sets By Ghanaians And For Us.

An old and dilapidating high storey-building has been spotted at School Junction in Botwe, Greater Accra region, been a life threatening in its state.

The building looks very weak and could collapse anytime soon, yet, the authorities responsible for monitoring these situations seem to be very quiet and unconcerned until something bad happens.

We observed barely a month ago when a weakened church building same as this collapsed on congregants killing scores of them.

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This particular building keeps on increasing in levels and height in such a weak condition. It appears to be part of the larger and higher building in Accra.

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The concern observers are quizzing what the authorities do about this situation? Are they waiting till it collapses and kills people before the nation starts crying, blaming, investigating and issuing arrest? All such processes are often in vain!

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Our institutions are so weak in implementation and enforcement in almost all sectors of government offices. Accra in particular has series of disasters caused by neglects of our authorities and ordinary Ghanaian then faces the consequences.

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It is time we look at how the leaders unfortunately mishandle state powers. Accra has officers in charge of anything one wishes to execute. So why allowing such unfortunate times come?

By Alex Konlan,

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