Another global outage hit Facebook this week.

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global outage hit Facebook . Only days after shaking the internet and losing billions, Facebook has been forced to respond to another global outage. Users throughout the world were unable to access Facebook services for several hours on Friday owing to a system change, only days after the previous, massively disruptive outage.

About 21:30 GMT, a Facebook spokeswoman told AFP, “Sincere apologies to anybody who has been unable to use our products in the previous couple of hours.”

DownDetector, a website troubleshooter, reported a three-hour increase in reports of issues accessing or using the Facebook and Instagram networks, as well as Messenger and WhatsApp.

As of midday, almost 30,000 users have reported disruptions on Instagram. More than 2,000 people have complained about problems with Facebook.

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People took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

global outage hit Facebook
global outage hit Facebook

“It’s been less than four days and it’s already down.”

For more than six hours on Monday, hundreds of millions of people were unable to access Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, highlighting the world’s reliance on services owned by the Silicon Valley behemoth.

Experts believe the problem was caused by a mechanism known as BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, which is used by the internet to determine the fastest path for moving data packets around.

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“Facebook did an update of these routes,” Slim added, similar to how air traffic controllers occasionally make adjustments to flight schedules.

It’s unclear how or why, but Facebook’s routers effectively broadcasted to the internet that the company’s servers were no longer operational.

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