Apple updates software to address security, hacking and privacy for iPhones

Apple’s iOS14.6 software update addresses security, hacking and privacy for iPhones

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Apple iPhone users are encouraged to install the latest software update that addresses a number of vulnerabilities, including those that allow hackers to elevate their privileges within a victim’s phone or execute functions remotely.

Apple’s iOS 14.6 was released overnight and comes with several positive features but also addresses more than 40 serious security vulnerabilities.

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Apple Australia would not discuss the security issues directly, however its website details ‘updates to WebKit’ among its most serious fixes.

WebKit is the engine that powers Apple’s Safari browser and has been at the centre of multiple other security issues this year.

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Those issues include cross-site scripting giving attackers multiple means to attack an iPhone users, redirecting users to a phishing or malicious site, performing actions on a site on a user’s behalf or even obtaining information from a browsing session. Continue Reading…..

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Ghananewsprime gifWhatsApp gif

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