Be.dr00m video of Legon Student The Set Internet Ablaze -WATCH

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The atmosphere on information superhighways took a different turn after unpalatable stuff of a student of University of Ghana, Legon hit online.

It is established that the student is identified as Angela Owusu and had her be.dr00m photos/video made its way onto the internet.
Undoubtedly, the stuff after hitting online attracts much attention also generates endless talk.

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Report bares that the faculty of arts student allegedly had her photos leaked after having a little banter with her boyfriend.

It is said that Angela took a firm decision to break up with her said guy. After several attempts by the guy to get Angela back, the beautiful and curvious 23-year-old stood by her decision and walked out the relationship.

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To pay him in her coin, the guy shared the n.aked photos which she had sent to him during their good old days to his friend and got flooded on social media.

Many people have taken steps to register their displeasure at the stuff going viral online and shared unpalatable comments.

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Ghananewsprime gif WhatsApp gif

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