Beef Loading: Gloria Kani Blasts Nana Agradaa for attacking her (Video).

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Actress cum Evangelist Gloria Kani descends on fetish Priestess cum evangelist Nana Agradaa for attacking her, her children and her husband

According to Kani Gloria, for the past few days, Nana Agradaa has been insulting her over a topic she preached about using a quotation in the bible which Nana Agradaa is claiming she was referring to her.

Kani in a long video on Instagram said that Nana Agradaa had taken an old preaching she did and claims it applies to her therefore she also attacked Kani.
In the same video, she said since Agradaa became a so-called ‘woman of God’, she has refused to change and continues to behave as horribly as she did when she wasn’t a preacher.

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She said Agradaa has been attacking her, her husband and kids even though she has tried not to respond to her.
Kani revealed how Agradaa shamelessly attacked her child by claiming that it wasn’t her husband’s own. Agradaa claimed that Gloria Kani’s husband was going for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the kid despite all that she kept quiet and said nothing.

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However, Gloria has had enough of Nana Agradaa’s accusations so she decided to give her a taste of what she wants.

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Beef Loading: Gloria Kani Blasts Nana Agradaa for attacking her (Video).She also said Agradaa is a fraudster who preyed on people to make money but she made all her money legitimately

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