Bill Cosby not welcomed at famous New York City comedy venue

Bill Cosby not welcomed at famous New York City comedy venue

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Bill Cosby is ready to go on tour but he won’t be welcomed to at least one popular New York City venue.
According to The New York Post, Noam Dworman, the owner of the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, said Cosby will not be able to perform at the venue.

Dworman did let Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K. perform in 2018 after their sexual-misconduct allegations, which he says is no comparison.

“Comparing Bill Cosby to these other guys is absurd… I didn’t want to talk about this to begin with. I just think these comparisons are ridiculous.”Bill Cosby not welcomed at famous New York City comedy venue

Ansari and C.K. were never charged with any crimes. Ansari faced criticism when a woman wrote about a date with the comedian in which she says he pressured her sexually. C.K. admitted to assertions that he would masturbate in front of female comedians.

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Cosby’s representative, Andrew Wyatt, told TMZ, “That’s one club owner, and in the words of the King of R&B Bobby Brown, ‘It’s his prerogative to do what he wants to do,’ ”

Cosby served more than two years of a three-to-10-year sentence at Philadelphia-area state prison. Previously, Cosby vowed to serve all 10 years rather than acknowledge remorse over the 2004 encounter with victim and accuser Andrea Constand.

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The 83-year-old was convicted of drugging and molesting Constand at his suburban home. In late 2015, he was charged when a prosecutor presented newly unsealed evidence.

According to CBS News, in 2005, Cosby’s team made a deal with former prosecutor Bruce Castor, who defended Trump at his second impeachment trial, to not pursue criminal charges, “which was designed to prevent Cosby from invoking the Fifth Amendment and refusing to answer questions in civil court.”

However, this non-prosecution deal was never in writing, The Washington Post reports.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that testimony tainted the trial, even though a lower appeals court had found it appropriate to show a signature pattern of drugging and molesting women.

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Prosecutors didn’t clarify if they would appeal or seek to try Cosby a third time.


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