Bobby Shmurda Fans Believe He Has A GF After Photos & Videos Surface

A woman shared a TikTok video that shows she’s been by his side since his release.

It looks like Bobby Shmurda has a lady friend. The rapper was quick to take care of business after being released from prison months ago and as fans continue to await Shmurda’s debut album, new photos and videos of his alleged girlfriend have taken to the internet.

The last time fans heard of Shmurda with a significant other was back in 2015 when a woman named Kimberly Rousseau pleaded guilty to allegedly trying to smuggle a “sharp object” into prison.

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It looks as if Kimberly and Shmurda are no more because a new mystery woman named Lilly, assuming that’s her name by her TikTok handle, has been posting about Shmurda, who she calls “Papa.”

If you check her TikTok page now, she’s made everything private—and for good measure. A video she shared that showed her with Shmurda quickly circulated online and the public had quite a bit to say. CONTINUE READING……

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