Breaking: Ataawheed TV Reports A Ghanaian Young Lady Who Committed Suicide In Jordan Is From Kumasi – Watch Video

It is suddenly reported a Ghanaian young lady who travelled to Saudi Arabia, precisely, Jordan by name Kodie Harriet commited suicide by hanging herself with nylon rope in her bedroom.

This sad report hit our news desk on 7th December, 2020 following with documents that really show Sister Harriet who is documented to have come from Kumasi is actually dead and the body was in the process of arriving in Ghana.

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To buttress the story, a video alert also followed up from Ataawheed TV, Saudi Arabia confirming Sister Harriet is the one that sad-heard story is about.

Harriet was born in 1996; 24 years ago and the sad incident also happened on 3rd December, 2020.

According to the report, she has no relative in Saudi Arabia so who ever could identify her should alert her relatives about this sad news.

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Watch the reporting video

By Alex Konlan,

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