Breastfeeding Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Breastfeeding Safely During The COVID-19

If you’re a mother or expecting, it is only natural to have questions about what is safest for your baby during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Evidence is overwhelmingly in support of breastfeeding.

Skin-to-skin contact and early, exclusive breastfeeding helps your baby to thrive, and there is no reason to discontinue in the wake of this virus.

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To date, the transmission of active COVID-19 (virus that can cause infection) through breastmilk and breastfeeding has not been detected.

If you are about to have a baby, you should be supported to breastfeed safely, hold your newborn skin-to-skin, and share a room with your baby.

Here are some answers to common questions from new and expecting mothers to help provide the safest experience for you and your baby, whether you’re feeling healthy or experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID 19. Should one breastfeed during the pandemic?

Absolutely. Breastmilk provides antibodies that give babies everywhere a healthy boost and protect them against many infections.

Antibodies and bio-active factors in breastmilk may fight against COVID-19 infection, if a baby is exposed.

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If your baby is 6 months old or younger, he or she should be breastfed exclusively.

Once your child is over 6 months, continue breastfeeding with safe and healthy complementary foods.


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