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Caleb Kudah sent to hospital after National Security assault

Citi FM journalist Caleb Kudah has had to seek medical attention following his brush with death in the hands of some National Security operatives last Tuesday.

Mr Kudah was detained for several hours after being found to be filming within the premises of the National Security Ministry without permission, according the Ministry.

In his narration to colleague Bernard Avle on ‘Point of View’, Mr Kudah claimed he was manhandled and slapped several times.

He said he was also thrown into a windowless cell of other suspects, who roughed him up and made him do some push-ups in the face of threats and insults.

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A petition filed by management of Citi FM and Citi TV to the National Media Commission (NMC) disclosed that Mr Kudah had to be taken to hospital for medical care over the physical and psychological torture he went through.

“Mr. Kudah has been sent to the hospital for medical examination and is currently recuperating from the physical and psychological effects of his ordeal.”

Citi FM’s management is asking the Commission to launch an independent probe into the incident “and recommend appropriate actions therefrom”.

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It said a statement issued by the Chief Director of the National Security Ministry, Lt Col (rtd) Ababio Serebour, “does not give us an indication that the National Security Ministry will provide an independent and satisfactory investigation in these allegations”.

Credit: By Emmanuel Kwame

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