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Captain Smart Mentions MPs Who Are Homosexuals And The Advocates For LGBT

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A senior morning show host of “Angel Anopabofour” and the operations manager of Angel Television and Radio of Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) situated in Accra, has today, 22nd February, 2021 on the Monday edition of the morning show alleged that there are three Ghanaian Members of Parliament who are homosexuals.

He added, aside those homosexuals, there are other nine MPs who are advocating for the practice of LGBT in Ghana.

He hinted, among the three homosexuals, two are gays while the other is a lesbian.

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He said, there are allegations indicating they are planning to gain about 35 membership by 2024 so the nationwide spread and legalization would take place successfully.

Captain Smart emphasized that, those MPs are not aimed for their party to gain power and or themselves becoming presidential aspirants so ever. But their mission at the parliament is to lobby for the institution of the LGBT.

According to Smart, some renowned lawyers, men of God and teachers of the secondary and tertiary institutions are suspected by their deeds and comments concerning the LGBT brouhaha and hullabaloo.

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Meanwhile, there are many spotted offices opened in some areas of Accra such as Zawulu and other hidden places.

He revealed, some of the lodging offices are homes for some suspects who are neglected and stigmatized in our societies.

In his ending note, he said the fight should start now by strengthening our cultural values and institutions by including all especially the chiefs and the religious agencies.

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By Alex Konlan/GhanaNewsPrime.Com

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