CCNM Want Nurse Nearly Raped By NHIS Manager Transferred

CCNM Want Nurse Nearly Raped By NHIS Manager Transferred

The Coalition of Concern Nurses and Midwives (CCNM) is calling on the Ghana Health Service to as a matter of urgency transfer the nurse who was nearly raped by Sawla-Tuna Kalba District Manager of National Health Insurance Authority, to be transferred from the community.


“CCNM is calling on the Ghana Health Service to seek psychological care for the nurse as she might be going through a lot of psychological trauma and stigma. Her safety should also be ensured at the moment since the man or his allies may retaliate. CCNM, therefore, recommends that the government transfer her to a different facility for her safety and security” a statement issued Friday, the Public Relations Officer of CCNM, Emmanuel Gayevo stated.

The statement added “the attention of CCNM has been drawn to a repugnant audio recording between the NHIS manager in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district in the Savanah region in the person of Mr. Mahama Sakara and a female nurse in which the former indecently made sexual advances towards the nurse and attempted to rape her in the process while the nurse was at work.

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The tête-à-tête in the audio clearly indicates that the two are not in any form of relationship. It is also clear that NHIS manager is a married man with children and also has a girlfriend whom his victim is aware of as she mentioned her name in the audio and pleaded with him to stop harassing her.”

The group “condemns the lustful behavior of Mr. Mahama Sakara towards the nurse in no uncertain terms. It is barbaric, reprehensible, and detestable to force a female nurse in an attempt to have sex with her against her will while she is at work in her uniform. CCNM applauds her for the bold step she took in recording the act which is now serving as evidence as the matter is being pursued. We urge her to continue to be strong against the stigma that might come from the community in which she lives as her name is now in the public domain.

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CCNM commended the NHIA for the commencement of investigation into the matter after receiving the petition from the nurse as indicated in their press release on 16/7/2020 and implore them to expedite action on the investigation and let justice prevail in the ambit of the law.

The group” urge all nurses and midwives to be alert at work and be security conscious. All should take note to secretly record all forms of abuses towards them either by patients or their relatives in the course of work.”

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