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“Census night 2021 Ghana”: Nigerians with disability become part of ‘Ghana 2021 Population and Housing Census’

"Census night 2021 Ghana": Nigerians with disability become part of 'Ghana 2021 Population and Housing Census'

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Ghana don begin dia first fully digital Population Census to make sure government plan properly for im pipo.

Issah Ibrahim, be one of de foreigners wey go add up to de total number of people for Ghana by de end of de 2020 Population and Housing Census.

He dey live rough on de streets dey slide himself through traffic intersections dey beg for money.

History of Ghana Population and Housing Census since 1891
15 cripples living rough for Accra

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De young man who be cripple from de waist down say he come Ghana to make money sake of he den en friends dey hope say de country go treat dem better.

He come Ghana alone from Kano inside Nigeria just last week by road alone, despite en disability to Ghana.

Based on de time he enter de country, census officials go count am as part of de total number of people who inside Ghana.

“I comot Nigeria come join 15 cripple friends for Ghana with hope say dem go treat us better” Issah reveal.

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“We be about 15 of us, all of us be cripples. We come from Nigeria into Ghana for better life. We move to Ghana with hopes say dem go treat me better than Nigeria

Issah dey Ghana alone while en wife and child dey inside Kano for northern Nigeria.

All 15 friends dey share one room inside one of de slums for Accra.

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Issah dey hope say after de census, Ghanaian officials go fit design program which go offer cripples like am financial support to start small business. Continue Reading….

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