Check Amazing Things You’ll Only See In Dubai (Photos)

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In Dubai, there are lots of fancy cars but some of these cars are custom made and they do not make them in Dubai.

So how are they getting these things into the country? While most cars will take ages to arrive by boat, Dubai does it differently.

Sometimes cars are airlifted by helicopters. It looks like it will fall onto the ground but you will see these cars in the sky from time to time in Dubai.

To people on the outside, Dubai may seem like a country just for the rich but believe or not there are a huge number of poor people in Dubai world.

These are usually construction workers and immigrants who are in the country. But Dubai has pretty nice things for these poor people. For example, there is a vending machine of free food.

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The machine has inscriptions: “free food! Only for those who have no money to buy food or unemployed”. The foods contain rice, soups and bottled water.

This is a nice idea and it would be good if they had these in more countries. I’m not sure how common these are in Dubai but the fact that they exist is a good thing.

Food vending machineCheck Amazing Things You'll Only See In Dubai (Photos)

The next thing is abandoned supercars. Most people would take care of their supercars. They clean them the whole time, store them in garages and get the cars insurance. But in Dubai, they do not car. People simply abandon their supercars out on the roads.

They leave them to get all dusty and old after driving them just one time. This is also the case outside airports but for a different reason. You see in Dubai it is illegal to be in debt.

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That’s why some people have to simply leave the country and simply leave all their expensive belongings behind. Some of these cars are auctioned off by the sate and some are destroyed.

There is something called Gold ATMs in Dubai. So if you go to the ATM how much do you take out a hundred cedis or thousand cedis? Well in Dubai you put money into ATMs.

But what do you get from that? Well, the answer is gold. There is something called gold to go ATMs in Dubai. This is where you pay money to get a gold bar.

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We all know that Dubai is home to the tallest building on Earth, the Burj Khalifa. It was built by the Prince of Dubai simply to be the tallest building in the world. It is around 170 levels tool and reaches over 800 metres into the Dubai sky.

Over 12000 workers from over 100 countries have to build this thing and the elevator in this thing travel at the speed of 10 metres per second. It cost 1.5 billion dollars to build and it took 1325 days.

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