Check this heavy weight backside queen, Ama Timpus (photos)

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It can be said that women with large backsides are currently the new surge of social media influencers

Having a butt that can stop a truck from moving and causing traffic is a blessing that most Ghanaian women long for. They can’t be blamed for wanting such butts because today’s men have developed a taste for heavy backside ladies as well, resulting in the new “heavy butt” fad.

In Ghana, there happen to be many of such ladies trending on various social media platforms and among them, one young yet sensational heavy butt lady carrying the crown is Ama Timpus.

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Ama Timpus is an East Legon plus-size beauty queen with a heavy butt carrying the new title of “heavy butt” on Instagram.

Ama’s huge contour has caused a lot of online traffic and still causing. She is novel in the modelling industry but with her fast-rising fame, it can be said that she will chalk greatness with her huge butt soon.

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Ama is naturally beautiful and endowed, her “mama blessings” isn’t of a knife but authentic. She is a makeup artist and brand influencer on Instagram with over 7k fans following her account, @ama_timpus.

Ama Timpus loves to share stunning and eye-catching pictures of herself to the excitement of her fans and just as she does always, she has dropped new mouthwatering pictures.

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Check below for Ama Timpus


Ghananewsprime gif WhatsApp gif

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