Couple in Long Distance Relationship Gets Emotional at JKIA after Seeing Each Other


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Couple in Long Distance Relationship Gets Emotional at JKIA after Seeing Each Other

Two Kenyan lovers in a long-distance relationship brought an airport to a pulp after seeing each other one year later

The couple had planned on having a special meet up in Abudhabi, but the lady had her transit ticket bounce, and she was forced to come back to Kenya

When they saw each other at JKIA, they both ran towards each other, screaming and laughing and hugged tightly

A Kenyan couple has delighted their fans after sharing a video showing their emotional reunion after a year without seeing each other.

Kenyan couple Nairofey and Bebe reunited at JKIA after one year. Photo: Nairofey/YouTube.

Couple in Long Distance Relationship Gets Emotional at JKIA after Seeing Each Other
Couple in Long Distance Relationship Gets Emotional at JKIA after Seeing Each Other

The couple’s reunion gets a hitch

The Kenyan man, identified as Bebe, lives in Moscow, Russia, while his fiancee Nairofey lives in Nairobi.

The two had planned to meet up in a different location, in Abudhabi, and have a special reunion, but things did not go as planned as Nairofey had her ticket declined in one of the airports and had to go back to Turkey.

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The beautiful YouTuber was supposed to fly from Turkey to Abudhabi to meet up with his fiance, flying to the same destination from Russia.

However, upon reaching the airport, she was told the airline was not taking in transit passengers and had to wait for more than 10 hours before getting a flight back to Istanbul.

When she arrived in Turkey, she fell sick and had to check in to a hotel and seek medication which took three days before she decided to embark on her journey back home to Nairobi.

During those three days, her man Bebe had already arrived in Nairobi, and he rushed to the airport to pick her.

“We have not seen each other for a whole year and the moment I thought I was going to see Nairofey in Abudhabi, I don’t know what happened and her flight couldn’t make it. But I am happy to finally see her,” explained Bebe.

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Upon seeing each other, the two screamed and ran towards each other and locked lips as they laughed and took photos together.

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”So I moved my trip a day early; with the help of her sister, I pranked her. She dressed up, thinking she is going out with them. There she is, thinking she had a delivery, not knowing I am the package.” He said.

When the lover-boy got to his girlfriend’s house, he parked his car outside, waiting for her to come. As she came out of her house, the young man revealed that his woman thought that she had a delivery.

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She was elated to see him and could initially not believe what she was seeing

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