Covid-19: Galore Markets Shut Down Affacting Obuasi Central Market


The Obuasi Municipal assembly has closed the Obuasi Central Market to enforce social distancing directive in the wake of COVID-19.

Two other sub-markets have also been shut down by the authorities.

Obuasi Municipal assembly

The municipal assembly has also directed all drinking spot operators to close down their shops effective from this morning.

The assembly has also directed residents in the community to compulsorily wear nose mask.

The Municipal Chief Executive of Obuasi, Hon. Elijah Adansi Bonah announced these directives while addressing a news conference in the municipality to outdoor new measures adopted by the Assembly in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

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Municipal Chief Executive of Obuasi, Hon. Elijah Adansi Bonah
Obuasi Municipal Chief Executive – Hon. Elijah Adansi Bonah

The move became needful after cases of the virus started rising in the Municipality. Obuasi is currently the epicentre of the virus in the Ashanti region with 47 positive cases.

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The situation here is a concern to both authorities and some traders.
Some concerned traders say they are in support of the assemblies decision to close down the markets.

“I support the closure of the market. It will go a long way to prevent further infections
especially in this crowded market. If the closure is to prevent further infections, why not,” says 56-year old Comfort Mensah who deals in dried fish business.

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Hon. Adansi-Bonah is alarmed by defiance of protocol amid continued doubt about the reality of Covid-19.


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