Daughter Fights Mother For Snatching Her Boyfriend


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Daughter Fights Mother For Snatching Her Boyfriend

Daughter Fights Mother For Snatching Her Boyfriend. A video surfaces online which got netizens laughing and talking on social media, after mother and daughter have engaged in a fight over a boyfriend.

It was accounted that the daughter, met her sweetheart while in school and went on to tell her mother how great the man was, something that incited the mother to tell her to invite the man to their home.

It is alleged that the man who is in relationship to the daughter visited the house.

The mother was drawn to the future son in law, went ahead to pick his phone number. She later, allured him using her financial mighty until they went into a relationships

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During his second visit, the mom would give him an eye, leading his girlfriend to be suspicious.

The lady began to point fingers on her boyfriend for permitting her mom to dish for him instead of asking her when hungry.

Daughter Fights Mother For Snatching Her Boyfriend
Daughter Fights Mother For Snatching Her Boyfriend

The fight began to smash after she determined her mom with her boyfriend seated consuming breakfast without calling her from bed.

They exchanged words solely to interact in a fight that escalated to the streets.

The battle between the two escalated, until it attracted the neighbours who came to witness a free drama. It left them in shock after realizing that it is mom and daughter fighting over s boyfriend.

Young girl blamed her mom for smiling and treating her boyfriend suitable around the house. Her jealousy ended a lovely relationship between mom and daughter.

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In the meantime the said man was in the house at the time of the fight vanished into thin air.


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