Dead Body Found In An Abandoned Drainage At Amanfrom

An unidentified dead body has been found in uncompleted drainage at Dokutse -kope a suburb of Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The deceased was found inside an abandoned drainage facility filled with waste water seeped from individual houses in the area because the authorities fail to complete the project and have been left standstill after the election.

In an interview with Unit Committee Chairman for Dokutsekope -Iron city area, Selasi Atikpo said, they were yet to “identify the deceased because the body was still in the water showing off only the hands and some part of the body but for the look of things it’s look like is a male”.

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He said, “the police from Amanfrom came over but told them they are not having the equipment to remove the body from the waste water and have never returned since morning”

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The cause of the death is unknown.


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