Doçtor kwadwo Ye-large Writes, “Know The Truth”

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1. The 275 MPs, after serving Ghana for 4 years (if even they did), will bag home 6billion old cedis EACH. Both NPP (majority) and NDC (minority) have agreed on this.

Doçtor kwadwo Ye-large Writes, "Know The Truth"
Doçtor kwadwo Ye-large

They met TOGETHER, though they’re “supposed” enemies in the public eye, and in absolute UNITY, agreed on this.

2. The about 120 Ministers and their deputies, Regional ministers and their deputies, and the entire Executive Arm will also be taking theirs. Funny enough, some of them retained their seats.

Therefore, after accumulating such huge “pension” sums, they’ll return to work the next day. And take another 6billion in 4years again. 12 billion in 8 years.

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3. YOU, Yaw Sampson , who rents a single room in Baniatwe , who may never make half of 6billion in your entire life, have “fought” almost all your friends, neighbours and even your family just because they don’t belong to “Your Party”.

4. Ama Sarpong , You have insulted all your Facebook friends sake of some T-Shirt and 20cedis your MP gave you. Even that guy who qualifies to be your husband koraa you insulted him because Mr. MP must win.

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5. Today, just common “protocol” you want, so to enroll into the Police, Immigration or Fire Service, Army, University, teacher training college and nursing training koraa you’re are not getting.

This small GES recruitment of 6,500 graduates too, you are among the 100,000 people who applied. That one too, no “protocol”. You have insulted all your potential “helpers” because you wanted Mr. MP to win “at all cost”. Because of politics, you have destroyed all your social capital.

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Mr. MP has won, indeed!
Has he helped you to win too?

By Doçtor kwadwo Ye-large

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