Don’t Stop Doing Internet Fraud – Wisa Greid to Internet Fraudsters

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Don’t Stop Doing Internet Fraud – Wisa Greid to Internet Fraudsters

Ghanaian musician Wisa Greid has encouraged internet fraudsters not to be ashamed of what they are doing but rather they should feel proud as he believes internet fraud is part of the hustle in making good money.

According to the ‘Ekiki Me’ hitmaker, he used to engage in the illegal business some time ago but now isn’t into the act anymore.

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“I don’t regret doing fraud. It’s part of the hustle. Anyhow, you will manage to get your money, you should. So far is what you are doing is not bad against someone, you should go ahead and do it to make money.”

“I used to engage in online fraud when I was in Secondary School (now Senior High School). We used to buy things online, but we didn’t use money rituals or Sakawa strategy.”

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“People will only criticize you when you get caught. But the same people won’t reject your money when you give them.”

“I won’t discourage fraudsters because it’s their hustle. They should be wild and make money so that they can buy mansions and cars,” he affirmed.

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