Don’t Trust Everything You See On Social Media – Juliet Advises

Don’t Trust Everything You See On Social Media – Juliet Advises

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has said that it’s about time people appreciate the little things they have and not to be influenced by unnecessary social media pressure.

According to the relatively beautiful actress, most people do not have the things they claim to have on social media. Some intentionally post such stuff on social media for just for likes and others too intentionally do so for their friends to assume they are living the best life ever.

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In furtherance, she added that individuals should live their life happily without feeling pressured from anybody and again averred that the secret of social media is the packaging.

She said “Don’t trust everything You see on social media, even salt looks like sugar.


Some people aren’t all the “post” to be… So, live your life and be content with whatever it is you have and have achieved for yourself. Do not wish to be like anyone else. The secret of social media is; Packaging is EVERYTHING! Don’t be misled.”

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