DR Congo Leader Opposes Changes That ‘Undermine The Judiciary’

DR Congo Leader
DR Congo Leader Opposes Changes That ‘Undermine The Judiciary’

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi has pledged not to accept any reforms that undermined the independence of the judiciary.


The president said he would not back “reforms that would harm the fundamental principles governing justice”.

There is a stand off within the ruling coalition over a proposal to give the justice ministry more control over criminal prosecutions.

Last week the justice minister was briefly arrested, prompting the prime minister to threaten the resignation of the government.

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President Tshisekedi formed a coalition with his predecessor Joseph Kabila, who maintains extensive powers through his parliamentary majority and control of most cabinet ministries and the prime minister’s office.

In an address to the nation to mark Democratic Republic of Congo’s 60th anniversary of independence from Belgium, Mr Tshisekedi affirmed his commitment to working with the coalition.

DR Congo Leader

But “let me take this symbolic occasion of commemorating independence to reaffirm that no majority, political or parliamentary… can overstep the founding principles of the republic,” he warned.

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Source: BBC

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