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Dr. Duku Educates Ghanaians on Food Poisoning

Dr. Duku Educates Ghanaians on Food Poisoning

Dr. Gideon Duku of Ridge Hospital in Accra has advised Ghanaians to take precautionary measures when they are out to have fun with their families and friends.

Dr. Duku in an interview with Abena Pokuaa Ahwenee on Dadi FM asserted that it’s about time Ghanaians take the issue of poisoning seriously.

This reaction from Dr. Duku as a wakeup call following the recent news of Patapaa’s poisoned case.

According to him, he was saddened when he heard about the news because poisoning has become a trend now in society.

Patapaa and his friends went out to have fun at Swedru Abaase and were unfortunately poisoned through a local gin “Akpeteshie”.

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The doctor used the platform to enlighten people that they should be careful when they step out to have fun with their friends.


He also added that poisoning could be very dangerous and can cause an individual to go into a coma.

In furtherance, Dr. Duku went on and said that no individual should continue drinking from the same glass he or she left on a drinking table after you return from where you came from if you left a drink for a short while when you are at the party.

“If you go to a party or any gathering and you want to visit the washroom or being called by someone, kindly go with your drink. If you leave your drink behind don’t go back to it. No one can be trusted and the minute you left, many things might have happened behind you”, he advised.

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Adding that most hospitals have antidotes for poison so individuals should quickly run to the nearest hospital when realize they’ve been poisoned.

He warned that any delay on the patient could cause the untimely death of the individual because the individual will be dehydrated as a result of extreme diarrhea which can be deadly. Continue Reading


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