E/R: 7-Year-Old Boy Missing

A seven-year-old boy is missing at Boadua in Denkyembuor District of the Eastern Region.

The boy -Wesley Ankomah alias Popee went missing Friday, March 26, 2021, while he was with his grandmother at a time the mother was sick and recovering in her home.

The mother of the boy Mrs. Gifty Ankomah narrated that, “I was going to the hospital so I sent my two children to my In-law. After receiving medical care, I came home to sleep so on Friday I couldn’t return to pick my child so I called my husband who is not around to tell my In-law but he forgot to tell her. After two days my husband returned from work to home, he told me to go and pick up the two kids. I placed a phone call to reach my in-law and after responding she told me Wesley has left for the past two days but the boy is not here “. She added.

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The incident has been reported to the Police.

However, the search for the whereabouts of the boy has proved futile.

The distraught mother is appealing to the public to help find the boy.

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She is hopeful, the boy is still alive.

The incident is happening at the back of many cases of murder in parts of the country.

Source: Ansah

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