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The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Abuakwa North Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana has today Monday June 15th, 2020 sensitised the public on the safety protocols rolled out by government, the need to stop stigmatizing COVID 19 patients and the myth of the pandemic to prevent the spread.

The staff led by Mrs Beatrice Budu, Officer In Charge, Abuakwa North, advised the public to wash their hands with soap under running water regularly, use hand sanitizers, observe social distancing protocol and always put on their face masks and above all stay home if they don’t have anything serious to do outside.

She further stated that, stigmatizing COVID 19 patients will have a negative impact on the community since it will discourage people from getting tested.

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She advised that, Ghana Ambulance Service within the community should pick up the covid-19 patients quitely so as to protect their fundamental human rights as spelt out in the chapter 5 of the1992 constitution.

Mrs Beatrice Budu stated that, alcohol intake will not prevent one from contracting the Corovirus, but will rather weaken and damage the immune system which is a key factor needed in fighting covid-19 .

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She added that, garlic and ginger intake are great nutritional ingredients in food preparation but not a remedy to fight against covid-19, a situation she described as a myth of COVID 19.

The virus she said, can survive under any weather conditions and can also affect the young, youth and old aged with or without underlined health factors.

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The escalating rate at which the Coronavirus is spreading calls for all and sundry to observe all the precautionary measures to help fight the pandemic so that we can all return to normal life.

Wash your hands regularly with soap under running water, use hand sanitizers frequently, put on your face masks whenever you are going public, above all stay home if you have nothing pressing to go out for, stop stigmatizing the COVID 19 patients since it will discourage others from getting tested to help fight the spread.

I will advise the ambulance service in the community to pick up COVID 19 patients in silence  to protect their fundamental human rights as spelt out in chapter 5 of the1992 constitution.” Mrs Beatrice Budu.

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A team from Abuakwa North Municipal National Commission For Civic Education (NCCE) in an interview with Nana Kwasi Asare on Nopras Fm Adekye Mu Nsem programme, sensitized the community on the precautionary measures, myths and the need to stop stigmatizing COVID 19 patients to help curb the spread of the Novel pandemic.

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