Elvis O. Boateng Launches New Book “Sound Judgment”

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EBO The Inspirationist is a Ghanaian born author and speaker. He is the founder of TW Motivational Quotes which is now called The Word Inspires, a senior fellow of the ​RDI, and a serial entrepreneur. What began as a hobby is now a source of strength to many.
His contributions to imparting the world have blessed and transformed lives, marriages and helped young people find purpose. As a collection of some of his most profound thoughts, this book has been put together to inspire people across the globe.
EBO likes to draw, write and rap. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses human issues. As a writer, EBO has had his write-ups aired on one of the radio stations in Ghana, featured on websites, given many platforms to speak on and the likes.
He seeks to support visions and encourages all, which considers why you’re reading this, makes perfect sense.
This book basically talks about drawing sound conclusions using the ark of Noah as a case study, which throws more light on understanding the processes of life and not allows the predicaments of life to influence our decisions.

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Noah’s story is often not discussed, but his character, action, and God’s saving mercies have many things to teach us about making a good decision in order to possess what is ours. I refer to this particular “good decision” as “Sound Judgment”. Get yours now. Call this number 0267652056

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