Equipped burglars assault church in Sandema, flee with offering

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Equipped burglars assault church in Sandema, flee with offering

Two outfitted men suspected to be burglars have assaulted the Sandema locale church of Pentecost, removing an immense amount of cash and different properties.

The occurrence occurred in the noontime long stretches of Sunday, just after help, as two heads of the congregation were tallying and recording monies got as Collection.

As per an observer account, the looters showed up at the premises waving firearms and asked the pioneers – a male and female, to lie face down and give up all cash and cell phones.

The pioneers who were damaged by the occurrence, the observer proceeded, laid powerless as the looters removed their goods, hopped on a holding up bike and dashed off.

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The onlooker said the desperados having prevailing in the demonstration reported their takeoff from the scene with inconsistent discharges the air.

“…the looters went ahead a cruiser as two heads of the congregation were tallying the day’s assortment. One of the pioneers, who is a female was outside while the male was inside really checking the cash. They initially met the female who was outside and indicated her the weapon and requested that her stay silent and go inside with them. At the point when they got inside, they were completely made to rests and they took the cash and their cell phones away. Prior to leaving, they terminated into the air a few times,” described an onlooker to Upper East Correspondent, Senyalah Castro.

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The occurrence, GhanaWeb learns, has been held up with the police. Furnished police and officers have additionally been dispatched to the region to guarantee the wellbeing of inhabitants.

Climb in the exercises of equipped burglars in Sandema

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The burglary occurrence adds to various cases recorded in the zone lately following a flood in the exercises of looters.

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In a large portion of the revealed cases, versatile cash sellers, entrepreneurs and people conveying colossal amounts of cash have become survivors of their accursed demonstrations.

As of late, a level screen TV was taken from the holding up sound of the Sandema region clinic. A versatile cash seller was likewise abused and looted of Ghc12, 000 in Chuchuliga.

All these happened days after occupants poured in the city to request quick measures from specialists to check the issue.

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The occurrences, which have gotten too much, have left occupants ceaselessly living in dread for their lives and property.

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Occupants trust the theft at the House of the Lord, would convey the furthest point of the threat to specialists to at last awaken and handle it.

“on the off chance that this can occur in a Church. A spot where God lives, at that point it discloses to you that the issue has escaped hands. It reveals to you that it is extremely terrible and specialists must act now,” an inhabitant remarked.


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