Event Coming Soon: Arrangement Roadmap Towards Forthcoming Youth Eminence Awards 2020.

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Good evening principal stakeholders and bloggers who are keenly awaiting the forthcoming YEAG2020. The Board of Academy and  the organizers have been very overwhelmed about your utmost patience and cogent contribution towards the award night. We thank you for that.
In order to put the motion of the event in action, we wish to formally declare that BULK VOTING is opened towards knowing who is winning what starting from Monday. How this will be done shall be communicated to you subsequently.
Due to the fact that we do not want to enter deep in the night,performers are going to be few and the duration of performance shall be compromised.
Audience shall be allowed in the auditorium on the eve of the event and all the safety protocols shall be observed in order not to fall victim to the law.
The following are the obligations we wish all nominees to follow:
I. All nominees are to at most sell five tickets of the event to their supporters .
II. Anyone who wants to fill the auditorium with more than the expected number should contact Vasco for an arrangement and approval.
The event will be streamed live on KOVS TV and shall also be edited to be shown on two selected TV stations.
The TV stations that have agreed to show the event live are charging an exorbitant amount of money that will collapse the company so the above is what we are putting in place to host YEMG2020.
The event starts at 7pm and is expected to end as soon as possible.
The plaques are ready and will be delivered on the night so all nominees are expected to be available for their award.
The Red Carpet shall come on live but with moderation and with social distancing observance .This will start at 5 pm sharp.
Please, let us rejuvenate our adrenalin towards the event and make it happen. You can contact the P.R.O for more explanations.
PRO-Obidombie Piesie Kwabena Gbormita.
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