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Fatal Drown Of Ghanaians Crossing Into Europe: COVID-19 Could Not Scare Ghanaian Illegal Migrants.

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According to data collection, Ghana in 2020 upgraded from ten administrative regions to sixteen. It is clearly observed that, with all the sixteen regions, each region has particular or traditional occupation. With this, majority could survive without travelling outside the country or seeking for greener pastures somewhere abroad.

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Obviously, some people in communities thought without white color jobs in Ghana, they cannot stay or withstand the toiling in the country, therefore would find otherwise to reach abroad. Such communities are mostly found in the Bono, Ahafo and Eastern regions of Ghana.

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The habit of Ghanaians travelling illegally into Europe is highly alarming and it started years back when those victims were going by illegal entry in loading ships. Now, the method has changed to going by land and later end by sea. In detail, they leave Ghana to Libya and move on to cross the sea to Europe such as Italy. From Libya, not only Ghanaians join the trip, they form collation of different people from Africa. This is where the live risking begin! They then join that so-called boat without live jackets and emergency swimming gadgets for rescuing incase of any inconvenience.

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Ghanaians are increasingly among the ranks of the tens of thousands of migrants flooding Europe’s southern shores. A total of 5,636 Ghanaian migrants reached Italy by boat in 2016, up to 27% from the previous year and increasing numbers as in 2020, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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The current and recent report reaching the media indicates there are more engagement of the illegal migration from Ghana to Europe particularly Italy though there is Corvid -19 Pandemic alert. This cases have shown that more Ghanaian lives from Bono region have been involved in fatal drown in the deep sea while the travelers were heading to Europe.

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It is so sad and care must be taken to avoid this concurrent attempt.

By Alex Konlan, Ghananewsprime.com

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