Figures Of Covid-19 Cases Are Hyped To Promote Vaccine – Covid-19 Ambassador

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Today, 24th February, 2021 on Angel TV/Radio morning show hosted by Kwamena Sam Binney, interviewed a Ghanaian Covid-19 Ambassador In UK, George Offei who works at Guides and Thomas Hospital in UK concerning Covid-19 and the vaccines Ghana has imported.

According to ambassador Offei, the issues of the vaccines are doubtful because of the complications they pose.

He revealed that, the Covid-19 cases are hyped to promote the vaccines world widely.

He added, some reports they received previously concerning the Covid-19 cases were pushing for immediate attention to vaccines.

He hinted, before he could accept to be an ambassador for Covid-19 cases in UK, he attended several seminars and lots of questions concerning Covid-19 vaccines and the case figures inflation.

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He told Ghanaians that, the efficacy of the vaccines are below 30% and for that matter one can accept second dose in three months interval to improve upon the efficacy of the vaccine.

Most importantly, he made it clear that the vaccine does not prevent any receiver from attracting the Covid-19 disease.

Moreover, the providers claim the vaccines can prevent receivers from dying from the disease but he is not certain on that claims.

To buttress issues up, Captain Smart of ABN challenged that claim the vaccines providers are issuing are fallacious. Captain said, there is no vaccine ever that can prevent any receiver from death.

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According to Captain, the potency of every vaccine does not exceed 25% that is why they are advocating for second dose.

Captain Smart brought issues to light that, the vaccines providers pay for people to advocate blindly about their products so to gain universal public attention for marketing and he suspect such deal in this Covid-19 vaccines.

Meanwhile, before the ambassador Offei could come on air through telephone from UK, Captain Smart had already talked about how Ghanaians will handle the storage processes of the arrived vaccines in Ghana.

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He revealed that, the vaccines are at risk to spoilage because we cannot handle the vaccines with the mandated protocols of distribution of vaccine in Ghana.

By Alex Konlan/GhanaNewsPrime.Com

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