Gay couple & their female friend brutalized by gang

Gay couple & their female friend brutalized by gang

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Gay couple & their female friend brutalized by gang

A gay couple and their friend are recovering from concussions and several injuries in a hospital after they were attacked while leaving a gathering in Birmingham, England.

News of the attack has shocked several advocates and community members online and police are urgently seeking the public’s help in apprehending the assailants.

The incident took place before dawn on August 16, when Rob and Patrick were leaving their friend’s birthday and housewarming celebration at the Missing Bar.

When they left, they encountered men in an SUV that were inhaling balloons, a practice commonly known as “hippy crack” in the United Kingdom.

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Rob told I News, “I made a joke asking if it was their birthday, and then they said ‘what the fuck are you saying to me?’ My friend asked them to calm down then they started calling us faggots.”

That’s when the attack ensued. “My husband started filming them, so he had evidence of what they were saying to us. They stole his phone out of his hand. My friend is a tiny 50kg, and she tried to get the phone back.

“They knocked my husband unconscious and dragged my friend halfway down the street. She fell out, then hit her head,” Rob said.

Gay couple & their female friend brutalized by gang
Gay couple & their female friend brutalized by gang

The men took off in the SUV and Rob chased them. “I ran up to them, banged on the window,” he said, “then all four of them came out, and started hitting me with glass bottles.”

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Rob tried “fending them off as much as I could,” but he was effectively outnumbered four-to-one.

“After my husband regained consciousness, he came to help me, but they started hitting him too. Before we knew it, they sped off.”

The result was all three receiving treatment for concussions, lacerations across their body, and stays in the Birmingham City Hospital.


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