Get out of my f×××k¡ng car, man throws slay queen out of his car a night out [Video)

Man throws slay Queen out of his car - watch video

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Get out of my f×××k¡ng car, man throws slay queen out of his car a night out [Video)

A trending video showing the moment a man ordered a lady to get out of his car after a night out.

Although the cause of the altercation is unknown, it is clear that he was visibly upset.

Get out of my f****** car,” the man is heard yelling at the scantily dressed slay queen in the video.

He was forced to kick her out like a dog after she defied his orders.

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The video in question has received mixed reactions on social media, as some are condoning the actions of the man and saying the lady is probably part of the “soft life” brigade….\swhile others say that they are repulsed by the man’s “violent” behaviour and that irrespective of what the lady did she does not deserve that kind of reaction.

It seems like the backstory of the video is unknown but at the end of the video the perpetrator asks the lady “Is this how you get money from amajita(guys)?”.

This question has led people to speculate about what might have caused the man to behave the way he did

Watch the video below

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