Ghana’s DJ Switch features on Instagram’s official account

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Ghana’s DJ Switch features on Instagram’s official account

DJ Switch features on Instagram’d official account. She  has gone global again with a feature in a new post by Instagram on Instagram’s 417 million followers account.

The official account of the creators of Instagram has shared the unique story of the young Ghanaian Disc Jockey.  Shared on its 417 million followers account.

A picture of the 13-year-old girl has been uploaded with a legend that summarizes her career and personality. “I feel like I am doing something that creates a galaxy beyond the Andromeda Galaxy. I’m a person who uses music to connect with people’s souls. My attitude and style of DJing either make you smile or laugh and basically switches up your mood. My goal is always to pump up the room and people,” ⁣the post quoted DJ Switch to have said.

“After winning a TV talent competition, Erica went on win youngest DJ at Ghana’s annual DJ award at the age of 10.

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“I am discovering new versions of myself and passions each day,” says Erica, who also sings, raps, dances, writes poetry, acts. And does motivational speeches. She also has her own nonprofit organization, the DJ Switch Foundation, which seeks to change lives through music“.

“The foundation focuses on encouraging quality education, teaching health and well-being, and supporting gender equality globally,” she explains. “I have had the opportunity to become an inspiration to my community. The young people in the world and especially girls. It means a lot to me to enable other people. My age and from places like Ghana to pursue their creativity,”. ⁣Instagram concluded.

The post on the platform has since gathered over 200,000 likes and more than 6000 comments from Instagram users around the world.

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“DJ Switch dropped a comment on the post to say that OMG Thanks @instagram for this one #switchup“.

However, this is one of the many times the TV3 talented Kids winner has gone international. In November 2020 Apple featured her in the promo of its new Mac chip.

During an Apple event, to announce the introduction. And details of the new chip that will power the new range of computers and iPad. Timothy Donald Cook, the C.E.O of Apple Inc, spoke about how some influential people have used Apple Laptops to make a significant impact across the world.

During his submission broadcasted at the event, he said ” today the Mac is stronger than ever. it continues to lead the industry

Ghana’s DJ Switch features on Instagram’s official account
Ghana’s DJ Switch features on Instagram’s official account

in customer satisfaction as it has over a decade and more customers than ever are choosing the Mac“.

”And all around the world, people use the Mac to do remarkable things, like the Mac itself they challenge the status quo. They take chances, they create, they innovate. They use the Mac to change the world and we’ll to celebrate them“.

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After this Tim’s comment, a short documentary of the people Apple is celebrating for using the Mac to change the world played. It shows Ghana’s DJ Switch with American singer Pharrell alongside other global influencers featured in the clip.

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