GNP: Ajagurajah Feeds Church Members After Every Meeting As Its Mission

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A Ghanaian Bishop Abed kwabena Boakye Asiamah aka Ajagurajah, is a leader of Universal Spiritual Outreach popularly known as Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana.

“Ajagurajah” sounds strange but it is actually a name of an Angel, the leader Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah declares.

Though it is a new religious denominational movement in Ghana, it aims at helping people to have spiritual encounter with their creator.

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Since human beings are children of the Most High God, The Mighty God of Abraham and of Moses, the movement believes in the Old testament and helping fellow human beings.

The movement has a mission of helping fellows to make positive impact in the
lives of all church members.

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The church listens to the word of God and also  practises the Word of God.

One important observation is that, they do not apologize to any human being for that is their belief and that belief is enshrined in the Holy Bible says the leader.

Bishop Abed kwabena Boakye Asiamah declares, the ‘Ajagura’ means warrior and ‘jah’ means God, therefore Ajagurajah means warrior of God.

So, he, Bishop Asiamah, sees himself as a true prophet of God sent to carry out his assignment on earth.

Hence, he Bishop Asiamah hangs a copper snake around his neck so that anyone who has any sickness, be it headache, stomachache and others, would get healed immediately they gaze at the copper snake around his neck.

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According to him, many people have testified to the healing potency of the copper snake. For those who might not be familiar with the Ajagurajah Movement, it is a spiritual church locally called ‘sunsum sore’.

Spiritual churches used to be very popular about 40–50 years ago before the advent of charismatic churches in Ghana.

These churches mainly deal with angels and spiritual beings. There is a lot of music, dance and chanting of incantations and uses of different candles, incense and oils as well.

Their services are also characterised by the usage of bells to summon spirits and they are identified as Christians as well.

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Indeed, most people are surprised about the feeding procedures the leader of the church engages for every meeting service.

What amazes people is how the leader serves the food alone to his congregation? This practice is maybe trying to answer the mission of the church and its spiritual holiness and powerfulness.

By Alex Konlan,

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