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GNP: Illegal Mining/Gallamsey Is Ongoing In Kwahu Banka-Residents Claim

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Media report indicates that upon all the restrictions, education and orders of illegal mining in Ghana, gallamseyers are comfortably mining illegally in Kwahu Banka environs.

The report reaching the news desk of Ghana News Prime today, 10th February, 2021 says the miners operate both open cast and deep mining by creating deep holes like wells to mine gold.

According to an eye witness, they sometimes create shallow cast or holes like human grave pit when mining. They then leave those holes dangerously open or bear in the farms of the people in Banka.

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They added, the miners who go far deep to create holes like wells also leave the holes after mining in their farming environment making the area dangerous to visit.

It was declared that, those miners fail to even seek permission from the land owners before operations. The witness said, the land owners who are able to catch the culprits take maximum amount of Ghc30.00.

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The area is severely damaging making the chiefs and land owners unhappy and are reporting to the government through media reportages to attend to them immediately because Kwahu Banka and its surrounding communities are endangering because of illegal mining.

By Alex Konlan, Ghana News Prime

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