GNP: Multi-Gender Attire To Hit The Youth Soon As Fashion

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The world is changing gradually upon civilization, discoveries and modernization of which the youth is embarking and embracing it greatly and others also think the world is wearing out by nature.

Fashion designers are facing this changes with different clothing designs and styles that would fit the youth.

With this, some have started sewing and designing clothings that may fit all types of genders.GNP: Multi-Gender Attire To Hit The Youth Soon As Fashion

Because of that, some designs have been spotted that bearing both male and female clothing features.

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This maybe by surprise to see many youth patronising in these clothings to the extend that some of the youth even have passion to put on such clothings to sacred places like church and or mosque to worship their creator.

Some fashion shows or exhibitions have started in some parts of the world projecting and promoting these types of wears. Some one may quiz as whether it would be against worldly laws, the Godly laws, societal or ethnic laws?

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But no attention of such questions have been challenged yet and what would be the clothings or wears for the future generation as these types of wears are coming on market?

The anticipating ideas maybe free movement of nakedness as some wears even suggest now.

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By Alex Konlan, Ghana News Prime

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