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Government Extends Restriction On Public And Social Gatherings

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The president’s eighth nation address: Nana Addo, yesterday addressed the nation on measures taken against the spread of coronavirus, and that the suspension on all of public and social gatherings extended for another two(2) weeks by his executive instrument, as set out in E.I 64 of 15th March, 2020,  effective today, 27th April.

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“I have accordingly, by Executive Instrument, extended for another two (2) weeks the suspension of all public and social gatherings, as set in E.I 64 of 15th March, 2020, effective tomorrow, 1am, Monday, 27th April” , the president said.


Ghananewsprime.com is encouraging you to observe the protocols outlined the health professionals to stop the spread and protect your family.

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We are saying stay home, stop the spread, use alcohol based hand sanitizer, effective hand washing with soap and under running water, cover your mouth, nose with the appropriate face mask. – Ghananewsprime

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